Credit Cards

Zoom Courier and Delivery Service accepts all major credit / debit cards for payment. This page is here to explain our card acceptance policy.

Zoom Courier and Delivery Service uses Square for all credit / debit transactions.

We can NOT accept cards over the phone.

Every driver has the ability to swipe your credit / debit card. Simply present the card to the driver for payment. We do require that you have an ID that matches the name on the card. We can NOT accept any cards without matching ID. There is a 2.95% fee for all swiped credit / debit transactions.

As it states above, we can NOT accept cards over the phone. However, there are two ways we can accept cards besides swiping.

The card owner can fill out the credit / debit card authorization form to allow us to bill their card for service. Once the authorization is filled out, a copy of the front of the card and ID must be texted, emailed, or faxed to our office. You can scan them and send them or simply take a photo of both and send them. Either way we must be able to read both items. Once we have the copies, we can bill the card. Without the authorization, we are unable to accept the card for payment. There is a 3.55% + $0.15 fee for these types of transactions.

We can send an electronic invoice to the card holder’s email address. The electronic invoice contains a link to open on our processor’s secure website. There the card holder can enter all of the necessary information required for payment. To request an electronic invoice, please call our office . Please do NOT give any payment information to the dispatcher. There is a 2.95% + $0.30 fee for these types of transactions.